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BTC Vault: Long-term storage for large Bitcoin balances


Bitcoin was designed for you to have total control over your wealth, and it should stay that way. With BTC Vault, you can securely store large Bitcoin balances for the long haul and enjoy peace of mind with flexible management that’s on your terms.

What is BTC Vault?

BTC Vault uses the same industry-leading protection as the rest of our Bitcoin storage options while offering additional layers of security that help you manage your Bitcoin and its withdrawals.

Initiate Bitcoin transfers from your BTC Vault using PIN/biometric confirmation along with additional email verifications. After approving a transfer, a 48-hour withdrawal delay is activated, allowing you to cancel any Bitcoin transfer to your BTC account during this period. This feature is handy if you need to rectify an error or adjust the transfer amount, ensuring you can stop the process quickly and easily.

Simply tap the Cancel transfer button on your Xapo Bank app’s transfer screen, and you can begin the transfer again if you need to. 

A new long-term storage option for your Bitcoin

While crypto storage options like hard wallets and exchange platforms might feel like secure and reliable ways to store crypto, they still come with many limitations and risks, like hacks, theft, and poor usability.

Before becoming a bank, we were one of the world’s largest Bitcoin custodians built on rock-solid digital security. This is partly why we became known as the Fort Knox of Bitcoin and one of the most secure places to store your digital assets. With this experience, we still use institutional-grade tech, and today, Xapo Bank gives members access to highly secure MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallets to protect their crypto, including balances stored in BTC Vault. 

How does MPC work?

All Bitcoin wallets have a Master Private Key, a unique code that acts like the master key to unlock and access the wallet. 

MCP wallets—like the ones we use—work a little differently. They split the Master Private Key into smaller "key shards", which are spread around the world in various discrete locations. This prevents any single person from having complete access and control to the wallet, providing more security and privacy. Additionally, MPC security ensures that no single point of failure will impact the safety of your wallet, and it becomes almost impossible for hackers to access it. This multi-layered protection is also far more resistant to hacks and theft that hard wallets and exchange platforms can face.  

What is the difference between BTC Vault and BTC Savings?

MPC protocols back all of Xapo Bank's crypto storage options.

While BTC Savings allows quick access to your Bitcoin and offers annual interest that’s paid out daily, BTC Vault doesn’t earn annual interest but prioritises additional security layers that help you manage withdrawals.

You have the freedom to use BTC Vault however you like, although it’s a popular storage option for those seeking long-term institutional-grade storage for their Bitcoin that keeps their funds accessible. It’s a hodler’s delight.

Easily move funds from BTC Vault to your wallet and back

  • Download and open the latest version of the Xapo Bank app
  • Tap Wealth at the bottom right of the screen, then select BTC Vault
  • Tap Add and enter the amount you’d like to transfer

Whether you want to transact Bitcoin, earn competitive annual interest on it with daily payouts, or store it securely for the long term, become a Xapo Bank member today.

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