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Job title:
Customer Success Team Lead
El Salvador

What do you do at Xapo Bank?

My current position is Customer Success Team Lead. I started four years ago as a Customer Success representative and Xapo Bank has not only given me the opportunity to grow within the company but also the chance to witness the evolution that Xapo Bank has had when it comes to offering personalised experience with customer interactions.

What do you find most challenging and rewarding about your role at Xapo Bank?

What I like the most about my job is the opportunity to constantly improve the experience that customers have when they communicate with Xapo Bank directly and the challenge that it represents to build a close business relationship with customers from all over the world who speak different languages. We are 100% focused on building a department with processes in which our priority number one is customer satisfaction. We invest in things that matter for long-term success.

How does Xapo Bank promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Xapo Bank is a unique place that gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world. We have so many talented people who come from different places on the planet. Xapo Bank puts a lot of effort into offsites, which are the perfect opportunity to bond, enjoy new activities together, embrace diversity and have open discussions that will help our teams thrive. Getting to know colleagues in real life for the first time is a nurturing experience that changes the way teams work and communicate.

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