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Job title:
Technical Tribe Lead - Banking Operations
Rajkot - India

What do you like most about working at Xapo?

The people and the mission! I can collaborate with some of the best minds across the globe to leverage technology for enabling global financial inclusion and empowerment, and still be home for lunch with my family every day!

What gets you most excited about Xapo's future?

I love that we're working on protecting and growing wealth for anyone around the world. If you look at devices like a phone or a laptop, technically, your device is probably not that different from the best consumer device in the world. But the same isn't true for financial portfolio management right now, and democratising access to such services will literally be life changing for many people around the world.

What does Xapo do to help you feel connected to fellow Xapiens in a remote environment?

We have a variety of initiatives to explicitly make time for social activities. We have a buddy program where a new Xapien is paired up with a tenured Xapien to help guide them during their first few weeks at Xapo. We have a fortnightly donut call where you're matched up randomly with another Xapien who you might not be working with day-to-day. We also have many different social slack channels where we interact with all Xapiens asynchronously – like #dev or #news or country specific channels. Each team has their own social events as well – my particular team has a weekly Thursday afternoon social event where one team member hosts what activity we do like trivia or pictionary – it's always fun!

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