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The Roots of our Global Vision

Wences Casares

Executive Chairman and Founder

About US

A world that enjoys economic freedom and wealth protection, no matter where you live or who is running your country. This is the dream that drove Wences Casares to quietly transform the world of banking.

Growing up in Argentina in the 1980s, Wences saw his family’s life savings wiped out three times by events beyond their control. This inability to control or protect their own finances left a lasting legacy. Years later, when Bitcoin came along, Wences saw an extraordinary opportunity to create a fairer, and totally secure system that would allow ambitious individuals to truly realise their potential.

our Directors

Seamus Rocca

Director & CEO

Diego Valenzuela

Director and General Counsel

Joey Garcia

Director and Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer

Micky Malka

Non Executive Director

Timothy Sloan

Independent Non-Executive Director

Anju Patwardhan

Independent Non-Executive Director

our Investors


Our regulated entities

Bank license
Fully regulated banking services. Your USD deposit is covered under the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme, up to the equivalent of €100,0002.
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Virtual Asset Service provider
Fully regulated Bitcoin Custody Services.
Our world-class security ensures that your BTC is stored securely.
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Bitcoin, the Currency of the Future

Just as the internet had democratised information, Wences predicted that Bitcoin would do the same with money. With a supply that cannot be increased and a system that is not controlled by a single party, it offers a store of value that anyone can use.

This vision led Wences, in 2014, to launch Xapo, the world’s most secure Bitcoin storage product. Over a million people saw the potential and took this extraordinary opportunity to invest in their future.



Next Generation Finance

This was just the beginning. Wences and his team then began the transformational work that would revolutionise the world of banking for good.

In 2021, Xapo Bank was launched, a highly intuitive and responsive digital platform that brings together, for the very first time, traditional banking with the digital currencies of the future.



Mission Possible

Xapo Bank has one singular purpose – to protect and grow our members’ wealth.

For too long, having the freedom to explore and embrace financial possibility in a safe and secure way has depended upon your geographical location and political circumstance.

Xapo Bank believes the world deserves better. We are changing the status quo with a radical new digital platform that liberates aspiring individuals, no matter where they are, empowering them to take control of their financial destiny.

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the bridge between
Bitcoin, US Dollars, and stablecoins