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Security that comes standard

Xapo Bank delivers simplified but robust security measures. No passwords to forget, just a seamless combination of verifications like biometric, 2FA, and more.

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Always Stay Informed

With real-time alerts, you're always in the know. Get instant notifications for all transactions, including card usage and account activity, for unbeatable control.

Control your payments

You're in charge of your online and card payments. Toggle this feature on or off for more convenience and extra peace of mind.

Control your payments
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Biometric security at your fingertips

Protect your wealth with a personal touch and take advantage of cutting-edge biometric identification options, including fingerprint or face recognition.

Double the protection with 2FA

Two-factor authentication ensures that you, and only you, can access your Xapo Bank account by requesting a second verification method.

App screens
App screens

Be the master of your card

With a sleek and subtle look, Xapo Bank’s contemporary metal card can also be easily managed right from the Xapo Bank app. Freeze, replace and manage your card with just a few simple taps.

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Protecting your Bitcoin should be as simple as opening an app