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Use Lightning Network

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Who uses Lightning Network?

Both individuals and companies can use the Lightning Network. Companies can use the Lightning Network to process payments quickly without having to wait days or weeks for payment processing fees from banks or other third parties. On the other hand, Individuals can use the Lightning Network to make Bitcoin payments without having to wait for long periods or incur high transaction fees.

Xapo Bank members enjoy the convenience of making near-instant Bitcoin payments right from their Xapo Bank app, paying a low fixed fee of  less than US $0.01*

Does Lightning Network have a coin?

No, the Lightning Network does not have its own coin. The Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol that interacts with the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing users to open payment channels between one another and send payments instantly and cheaply. It does not create its own coins or tokens, but rather facilitates rapid and secure transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

* US $0.001 at the time of writing. Subject to change.

Xapo Bank is a crypto-enabled bank licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. We give our members access to a US Dollar and Bitcoin account, successfully bridging the gap between traditional banking and crypto. USDC deposits into Xapo are immediately converted to USD on a 1:1 basis, giving instant dollar cash value with zero exchange fees.

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