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Xapo Bank is an international crypto and private bank, uniting the personalised service of traditional banking with the security of Bitcoin. As pioneers in Bitcoin, we constantly invest in new tech security to ensure our members’ wealth is kept safe at all times.

Become a member and you will have the freedom to buy, manage and hold bitcoin – anywhere in the world. You will earn 1% interest on all deposits in Bitcoin, helping you grow your wealth safely and securely.

App screens
App screens


We are the first bank to be integrated with the Lightning Network through our partnership with Lightspark, enabling our members to make low cost and lightning fast Bitcoin payments at the tap of a few screens on the Xapo Bank app. No waiting for multiple blockchain confirmations. Enjoy a fixed low fee of less than US $0.01 per transaction6.

We remain at the forefront of innovative financial services, merging the security of a traditional credit institution with efficiencies of blockchain infrastructure to deliver unrivalled wealth protection for our members.

1% interest
On Bitcoin deposits
Buy, manage and hold Bitcoin from anywhere
Our large Bitcoin Reserve protects our members funds

We protect our members’ wealth by adhering to strict regulatory frameworks. Xapo Bank and Xapo VASP are legal entities regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Xapo holds one of the largest Bitcoin reserves in the world. Together with our liquid financial assets and solid balance sheet, our commitment to Bitcoin is generating interest for our members – while ensuring the highest levels of protection.

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