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4.1% interest
to grow your wealth

A Global Card

A Global Card

Make payments anywhere – with your Xapo Bank Card.

Earn up to 1.1% cashback with every card transaction.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Make the most of your wealth with personalised help and guidance from your dedicated Xapo Bank account manager.

Schedule 1-1 Zoom calls whenever you need.


Xapo Bank is the world’s first private bank to combine traditional banking with Bitcoin. Our physical home is just as pivotal as our leading-edge digital platform.

You will find our Global Branch in Gibraltar – one of the most trusted financial jurisdictions in the world – built inside an old army barracks.

Like the place we call home, our bank’s foundations are strong and enduring. We look forward to serving our members for years to come. Should you find yourself nearby, we look forward to welcoming you in person.

A woman's hand on the sea backgroundA woman's hand on the sea background

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