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Send and receive crypto and fiat with your UMA

A Universal Money Address (UMA) enables you to send money and cryptocurrency securely, almost instantly, and at a very low cost, with one simple, easy-to-read address.

Get your free UMA address


1 address that links to all traditional currencies and digital assets on the Xapo Bank app

Easy to share, easy to read, easy to use. Universal Money Addresses (UMA) allow you to:

Send money to other network participants without adding their long IBAN or crypto addresses.
Enjoy extra privacy, as your account addresses stay hidden with only your UMA visible.
Send and Receive any traditional or cryptocurrency that Xapo Bank supports via UMA.

Send money to all fintechs and banks on the UMA network

Move money between UMA addresses without the hassle of long and confusing account numbers.


Supports multiple currencies & countries

Sender & receiver can pick the currency of their preference. Money will be automatically converted.


Get the answers to some commonly asked questions.

A woman's hand on the sea backgroundA woman's hand on the sea background

Transact with a tap so your money can move like water

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