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Earn bitcoin cashback and zero foreign exchange fees

Spend seamlessly worldwide in local currency or Bitcoin with a virtual card that earns up to 0.5% cashback5  and has zero foreign exchange fees, so you never pay more than you need to.

Instant card generation

Shopping online? Play it safe with a virtual card to boost your privacy and to protect your financial details. Simply create a new virtual card whenever you need to.

Control your payments
App screens

Security made simple

Your virtual card can also be easily managed right from the app. Freeze, replace and manage it with just a few simple taps.

Keep your online payments discreet

Protect your privacy with a virtual card

Enjoy the versatility of a virtual card designed for all your needs. Whether you're streaming, upgrading your wardrobe, or stocking up on groceries, the virtual card has you covered exclusively for online payments.

Experience seamless online payments with extra convenience and security.

The world’s first crypto-native bank

The virtual card gives you access to…

  • Up to 0.5% cashback5
    When you spend with your card
  • Out of USD? No worries
    The BTC to USD auto-conversion ensures your card payments are always possible, anytime, anywhere
  • Zero foreign exchange fees added
    With no surprises or hidden fees on conversion
  • Effortless everyday payments
    From Netflix subscriptions to retail purchases, you can pay for it all using your virtual card
  • Security at your fingertips
    Seamlessly freeze, manage, and replace your card directly in the app
  • Create a new virtual card in a tap
    Want to create a new virtual card? Simply cancel your current card and generate a fresh one
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the bridge between
Bitcoin, US Dollars, and stablecoins