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Where does a non-US resident go to open a fully functional US Dollar savings account?


The USD is the most used currency in the world and considered the most stable. A significant percentage of global foreign trade is done using the USD. All of which make having a USD account important, especially if you carry out international transactions in currencies outside your local currency. 

However, it can be challenging to open a USD bank account if you are outside the US, especially for residents of emerging markets. Even though a few international banks may offer a USD account, there can sometimes be statutory and regulatory limitations to the functionality of such accounts.

That’s where Xapo Bank comes in. 

We are an crypto-enabled bank headquartered in Gibraltar, providing safe and trustworthy wealth protection. When you become a Xapo bank member, you get immediate access to both a USD account and a Bitcoin account. 

Your Xapo USD account supports wire transfers via the SWIFT network, making it possible for you to send and receive payments globally. There is an extra advantage, as you can deposit USDC into your Xapo account for instant conversion to USD.  

Your USD deposits in Xapo earn you an interest of 4.5% per annum. You earn this interest even while you sleep and it is paid out to you every single day. On a related note, your Bitcoin deposits also earn you interest of 1% per annum.*

Your Xapo account comes with a free physical debit card that enables you to make payments and withdraw funds globally. There are no FX markups when you make payments in different currencies and you get up to 1.1% cashback on card transactions. You can also create multiple virtual cards on the app, keeping you in full control of your payment experience.

To explore all that Xapo has to offer, visit xapo.com.

*The Annual Interest Rate offered on both USD and Bitcoin deposits is variable and may change at any time. Please see our Interest FAQs for more information.

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