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Xapo Bank

Simplifying USD transfers: Xapo Bank’s USDC integration on ACH and Fedwire


Xapo Bank is pioneering a new way to handle USD transactions through the ACH and Fedwire networks, using USDC. This breakthrough, made possible by partnering with Bridge.xyz and Circle, is set to change how we think about banking transactions.

How does it work?

Think of transferring money as being as easy as sending a text. When you withdraw USD, Xapo Bank quickly converts it to USDC and sends it to Bridge. Bridge then changes it back to USD and completes your withdrawal, all in a matter of seconds, and without any hidden fees. This is all thanks to our collaboration with Circle, the team behind USDC.

As a Xapo Bank member, you don’t have to worry about the details. You just enjoy the benefits of quick, efficient transactions without extra costs.

Deposits? Just as easy. Your money is converted to USDC by Bridge.xyz , sent to us, and then turned back into USD in your Xapo account, all very quickly and with no fees.

What is the ACH Network?

The ACH network makes moving money electronically simple and cost-effective. It's great for everything from paying bills online to receiving your paycheck directly into your bank account.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer: Facilitates quick, electronic USD movements, replacing outdated paper methods.
  • Consumer transfers: Enables easy USD transfers between personal accounts at different banks, aiding in effective finance management.
  • Lower transaction costs: ACH offers lower fees than networks like SWIFT or Fedwire, making it cost-effective for various transactions.
  • Electronic bill payments: Simplifies paying bills online, covering utilities, mortgages, credit cards, and more, adding convenience to everyday finances.

What is the Fedwire Network?

Fedwire is the go-to for big, urgent money transfers in the U.S. It's run by the Federal Reserve and works around the clock to move large sums of money safely and immediately.

  • Real-time gross settlement: Ensures immediate settlement of each transaction, providing instant transfer and undeniable finality.
  • High-value transactions: Well suited for handling substantial transactions, including interbank, large commercial, and government payments, with high efficiency.
  • 24/7 availability: Operates continuously, offering round-the-clock service for timely, flexible financial transactions.
  • Secure and reliable: Known for its unparalleled security and reliability, Fedwire is managed by the Federal Reserve, guaranteeing exceptional security and control.

Why Settle in USDC?

USDC transfers are cheaper and faster. By using USDC, Xapo avoids the high costs and time delays of constantly moving USD to and from Bridge. Plus, with real-time 1:1 USD to USDC conversions, your money moves swiftly.

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