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Simplify global payments with crypto, stablecoins, and seamless networks


The world isn’t so big anymore. Experience hassle-free cross-border transactions with Xapo Bank using seamless networks for smooth Euro and GBP payments, as well as stablecoins that bring you speed, efficiency, and affordability. 

Send and receive stablecoins

Unlike cryptocurrencies that can experience regular, and sometimes rapid price movements, stablecoins stay true to their name and tend to keep a steadier and more reliable price. This is because stablecoins like USDC and USDT are pegged to the US dollar.

Borderless, fast, and cheap, USDC and USDT allow you to send and receive international payments, empowering you to live the lifestyle you want from anywhere in the world. It’s an especially popular option to handle salaries, remittances, and general payments.

When you send and receive USDC and USDT from your Xapo Bank app, your funds are automatically converted to and from US dollars, eliminating the need to go through multiple apps and different exchanges. 

Send and receive Euro and GBP

Xapo Bank taps into the power of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and Faster Payments Service (FPS), allowing you to send money to Europe and the United Kingdom—including their participating territories—in the most efficient way possible. 

These payment networks are initiatives created and backed by banks and governments, and are designed to move Euro and GBP quickly at low cost.  

SEPA and FPS are popular choices because they escape the delays and high costs of sending money to and from these areas — a smart solution for digital nomads, remote workers, and general payment-makers. 

Send Bitcoin in a flash

Xapo Bank lets you have one foot in the now and one foot in the future. With full access to Bitcoin and all of its features, you can send and receive BTC with the tap of a finger. 

As the first bank in the world to offer access to the Lightning Network as a payment option, you can send BTC near-instantly with minimal fees*. You also skip the queues and congestion that are often found on Bitcoin's network. 

The Lightning network is always on, and always fast. 

We’re excited about the future of digital banking, and invite you to join us for a 90-day free trial to experience all of Xapo Bank’s benefits when you

*US $0.001 at the time of writing. Subject to change.


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