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Meet Xapo Bank: The Future of Digital Banking


These days, it's rare to have full control over your money. But imagine being in charge of every aspect of it, from saving and spending to accessing it whenever you want, wherever you want. That's true control, and it's something we believe everyone should have.

Xapo Bank makes it easy to grow and protect your wealth, as well as securely send and receive global payments cheaply and quickly with full access to all of your funds 24/7.

Earn interest that’s paid directly to you, every day

4.1% interest* on your US dollars 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to grow your wealth is through a savings account that offers a great interest rate. From the moment you open a Xapo Bank US dollar account and make a deposit, you’ll start earning 4.1% annual interest on your funds, paid out daily

And with no lock-ins, you can access your money 24/7. 

1% interest on your Bitcoin

The Xapo Bank app is where two worlds come together: crypto, and traditional finance. As a member, you can buy, hold, and manage Bitcoin alongside your regular US dollar account, so you don’t have to hop between multiple apps just to use one or the other.

Similar to your USD savings, your Bitcoin can immediately start earning 1% annual interest** that’s paid out daily, so you can grow your holdings. 

Plus, Xapo Bank is the first bank in the world to give you access to instant BTC payments with the Lightning Network, meaning you can jump the queue every time you transact. 

Reliable and secure payments from around the globe

Send and receive USDC and USDT

Borderless, cheap, and fast, stablecoins like USDC and USDT let people and businesses send money between countries reliably and securely — perfect for digital nomads and people who work remotely.

USDC and USDT are among the most popular stablecoins that offer a simple solution for salaries, remittances, and general payments in just minutes or less. For an extra smooth experience, Xapo Bank gives you access to the instant conversion of USDC and USDT payments directly into US dollars, with no hidden costs, making cross-border payments a breeze.

By using stablecoins like these, you can skip the hassle of relying on traditional banks which are usually expensive and slow to process your transactions.

Send and receive GBP and Euro

Just like stablecoins, Xapo Bank offers an easy and cost-effective way to send and receive GBP and Euro. But instead of using blockchain technology, these currencies have their own networks called Faster Payment System (FPS) for the United Kingdom and participating territories, and Single Euro Payments (SEPA) for Europe and participating territories.

Since these networks are backed by banks and governments, your transactions are processed and delivered securely and normally on the same day you make them.

How it works at Xapo Bank:

  • Send and receive GBP, Euro, USDC, and USDT
  • Xapo Bank converts them to/from US dollars
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Earn 4.1% on the funds in your Xapo Bank USD account 

Safely and securely

Xapo Bank offers payments and savings solutions that support a variety of lifestyles, and gives people the freedom and flexibility to grow, protect, and manage their finances on their terms. 

Above all, we do everything safely and securely. Here’s how: 

  • We don’t lend your money out
  • 100,000 Euro Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme*
  • Fully licenced bank and Virtual Asset Provider
  • Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

We’re excited about the future of digital banking, and invite you to join us for a 90-day free trial to experience all of Xapo Bank’s benefits when you

*The Annual Interest Rate offered on both USD and Bitcoin deposits is variable and may change at any time. Please see our Interest FAQs for more information.

**Eligible fiat deposits are protected by the Gibraltar Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to a maximum of the US Dollar equivalent of EUR 100,000 (subject to prevailing exchange rates on the compensation date).


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