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Maximising Your Wealth: 3 Things To Know About Xapo Bank's 4.5% Interest* Rate on USD


Are you letting your money sit idle in your bank account, earning negligible or no interest? That’s a great disservice to yourself, when you could be earning a high annual interest of 4.5% on US dollars with Xapo Bank. 

At Xapo Bank, our goal is not only to help our members protect their wealth, but actively grow it in a secure and sustainable manner. Our 4.5% interest rate on USD helps our members accelerate their savings and grow their wealth faster. Because we believe your hard-earned money should work equally hard for you. 

Here are three things to know about Xapo Bank’s USD interest rate and how it helps you maximise your wealth:

Daily interest payouts - in satoshis

At Xapo Bank, we prorate your interest and pay it out every day - no waiting for monthly, quarterly or yearly interest payments. You earn interest on your USD deposits while you sleep, and it’s credited to your account every single day. We pay you this interest in satoshis, allowing you to grow your wealth in Bitcoin, the currency of the future. Prefer USD? No problem. Once you receive your interest in satoshis, you can exchange it to USD with just a few taps on the Xapo Bank app.

No lock in period

Keep the flexibility, yet earn the interest. One of the remarkable features of Xapo Bank’s interest is that we don’t require you to lock in your funds for any period of time to earn it. Your USD remains accessible and fully within your reach any time, any day.  

Keep track as your wealth grows

With Xapo Bank, your money grows while you sleep. Curious to see how much interest you have earned on your deposit? It’s all on the Xapo Bank app. Login each day to monitor your USD deposits and how much interest you have earned so far. What better way to keep track of your financial progress? 

Our 4.5% interest on USD is just one of the benefits of a Xapo Bank membership. To explore all that our crypto-native banking experience offers, please visit our website.

* The Annual Interest Rate offered on both USD and Bitcoin deposits is variable and may change at any time. Please see our Interest FAQs for more information.


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