It’s back up! Xapo now paying 1% interest on Bitcoin deposits


Our members have so much to celebrate!

Just last week, we announced that we have integrated with Lightning Network to deliver faster and low cost Bitcoin payments. Now, our annual interest rate1 on Bitcoin deposits is moving back up from 0.1% to 1%. 

This means that we are helping our members grow their Bitcoin wealth faster, in the responsible and secure manner that Xapo is known for.

In addition to 1% on Bitcoin, our members also earn a high annual interest1 of 4.1% on their US Dollar deposits. In both cases, we pay out interest on a daily basis, with no requirement for our members to lock up their funds to earn interest. 

As a crypto-native Bank, it is important to us to constantly innovate and give our members exceptional value for their deposits, whether in Bitcoin or US Dollars. This is something we are committed to and will continue to take very seriously.

Apart from high interest rates, Xapo Bank members enjoy many other benefits. These include seamless access to US Dollars and Bitcoin on the powerful Xapo Bank app, a global debit card that gives up to 1.1% cashback and an account manager that’s focused on making every experience a personal one. 

You can find information about all our benefits on our Membership page


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