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Banking with Bitcoin, Simplified

Blend the power of crypto into a banking app so you can grow your wealth and transact with unparalleled flexibility.


Blend Bitcoin into your everyday life

Securely hodl, grow & spend,  with one banking app.

Stop hopping between apps to transact

Seamlessly switch between Bitcoin and US Dollars

Growth now. Growth tomorrow.

Design your portfolio with Bitcoin, crypto, and U.S. stocks from anywhere.

Trusted by thousands of
Bitcoiners worldwide

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The first bank that bridges Bitcoin with traditional banking

10 years of experience pioneering digital asset security for your BTC

Become a member from wherever you are in the world


My Xapo Bank card has been useful while I’ve been traveling. I can spend USD converted to Euros with no markup, and can withdraw cash from an ATM with no additional fees. It’s also simple and easy for me to send my stablecoins to my Xapo account.

Xapo for me is a place I can trust. It’s Bitcoin centric which says a lot.

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Herminio, Mexico

The fact that Xapo Bank operates as a fully regulated financial institution in Gibraltar, complete with a robust Deposit Guarantee Scheme, speaks volumes about its commitment to security and customer trust. It's the kind of assurance that allows me to confidently entrust my wealth with them.

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German, Spain

It's the only bank I know that allows me to invest in USD and crypto.

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Felipe, Mexico

The app is better than 99% of bank apps out there. The yield handily beats major protocols like Aave and Compound, and on top of that it’s insured. It’s the indispensable one-of-a-kind gateway between crypto and fiat I need.

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Prathan, Thailand

Xapo Bank Mastercard is one of the best cards in the market. 1% reward in BTC on all spending. Good conversion rates for foreign currencies.

I think Xapo Bank's systems are impressive. And the fees to transfer stablecoins are good.

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Tony, Dubai

Xapo Bank is the only choice for me. No other bank is accessible to non-EU and non-US citizens regarding the ability to spend stablecoins.

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Thomas, Hong Kong

I was looking for a way to transfer my stablecoin into a bank, earn yield and spend it while earning cashback.

Xapo does that and gives me the best net exchange rate.

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Sandeep, Singapore

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USD 12.50 / month
Billed as one payment of USD 150 (20% Off)
Enjoy a 30-day free trial, then
USD14.99 / month
Billed as one payment of USD 150 (20% Off)
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The simplest way to bank with your Bitcoin

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